Antigua, Jewel of the Caribbean

Antigua is a beautiful Caribbean island. It is one of the beautiful and famous islands of Caribbean. If we talk about the tourism in Antigua then we must say that tourism has been increasing very rapidly in this island of Caribbean. Its does not mean, that other islands of Caribbean are not beautiful. The others are also beautiful but I must say that Antigua is the best among all of these. Over the last twenty, New-Zealanders very much prefer the islands of Caribbean. But mostly among these want to visits the Antigua.

Beautiful Beaches of Antigua

New Zealanders really love to visit the beautiful beaches and want to spend most of their time in these beautiful beaches. Antigua is very much famous for its beautiful beaches. These beautiful beaches with sweet white sand look very much amazing and attractive. New-Zealanders really love to spend their time by lay down in the sand of these beautiful beaches and work on your suntan.

Orientation and travel

Antigua is 2860 km due East of Belize on the Central American mainland and about 200km east of the island of Pueto Rico. If coming from Trinidad and Tobago to the south, Antigua is about 800 km North of Trinidad, but it is easier to fly from Tobago even though this adds an additional 50 km to the trip.